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The first enterprise of those belonging to the Group was founded in Moscow in 2002 for implementation of corporate information systems at manufacturing enterprises. The Company found its market place in a short time and according to the results of 3-year work was twice included to the top 5 largest partners...

The history of the Group started in 2002 from the establishment of the company that was engaged in the implementation of ERP systems at middle-size Russian manufacturing enterprises. The company based its activity on the combination of experience in both manufacturing and trading business management and implementation of information systems. Market analysis and the goal to cover as many interested enterprises as possible resulted in the decision to focus on implementation of systems based on the most popular and flexible platforms Microsoft Dynamics and 1S.
The company quickly took its place in the market. We have managed to cooperate successfully and to implement our information systems in a number of large enterprises including Proplex (manufacturer of plastic profiles for window constructions), Soy Products (leader in manufacturing of edible raw material of soy beans), Eurasia-Art (contractual manufacturer of TV-sets under Samsung and Philips brands) and others.

One of our achievements is conclusion of a number of partner agreements with software developers from Europe (Olivia Systemas (Spain), IT Group (Danmark), DataBackBone (Danmark)) and USA (Labyrinth Business Solutions) on localization and promotion of their products on the Russian Federation territory. We consider that our key activity is qualitative maintenance and up-dating of already implemented information systems because often they substantially influence current enterprise activity. Special professional department and maintenance processes based on ITSM principles provide prompt response and reliable solving of all the issues that may occur from Customer.

Custom software development for west clients has become an important area of our activity. Since its creation the company has successfully performed a number of assignments under contracts with Microsoft and Labyrinth Business Solutions companies.

We were among the first companies in the market who understood the importance to support both management accounting and accounting and tax reporting in accordance with Russian Federation law within the framework of a single information system. We have qualified staff (including certified professional accountants) and accumulated technical expertise that is one of the widest in the market. This allows quick and effective provision of Customers with solutions they need.

We pay special attention to the methodology of information system implementation. Our activity is based upon the most effective for today Sure Step methodology developed by Microsoft specially for middle market range. This methodology includes optimizing elements based on Lean Manufacturing principles developed and used mainly in Toyota Company – the most effective car manufacturer in the World.

Application of these principles of implementation process organization allowed substantial reduction of terms and efforts on the one hand and understanding of the opportunity of continuous improvement at the expense of internal reserves on the other hand. Both Customers and community of enterprises focusing on reaching maximum efficiency when creating values for customers appreciated the successful experience of these principles application. The Company’s employees participated many times in conferences dedicated to the success in application of Lean Thinking principles.

During 2007-2009 the Company plans to develop itself in the following directions:

In Russia:
1) Accumulation of leadership in the area of information system implementation at middle-size enterprises of chemical, food, jewelry industry, electronic engineering, and foreign trade activities.
2) With consideration of growing requirements to business processes transparency, becoming a leader in prompt and effective maintenance of accounting and tax accounting in accordance with the Russian Federation law by means of information systems.
3) Organizing Maintenance Department work on 24/7 basis to provide the exploited systems in all Russian regions with continuous maintenance.

1) To multiply the turnover on custom software development at least by 3.


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