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Friday, 05 June 2020
Principles and Responsibility
Information has become an important resource in the modern word including business.  According to studies, the volume of information that is accounted and processed in companies increases in average by 55% per year. This testifies to the exponentially growing demand of enterprises in information storage and analysis tools. Being experts in working with information we realize our high responsibility to Clients. At the same time being a part of business community we willingly assume obligations to suppliers, employees, the state, and society as a whole.
Lean4systems Group exists to create value for Customers, Employees, Management and Investors, Suppliers, IT Community, the State and Society as a whole.
Principles towards Customers
Our mission, goal and function are creation of values for Customers. We are continuously making efforts for better understanding of our Customers needs concerning information systems and trying to form the package of our services and processes of their delivery in a way to create value for Customers in the most efficient way.   We proceed from the fact that in many industries business performance depends much on the quick access to information, information accuracy and reliability of information systems. We strive to be the best for the Customers who share our idea of information technologies importance for business.
Values in Relations with Employees
Employees create value for Customers, that is why employees are the Company. Each employee in his turn is a personality with its own needs and wishes. The company tries to engage experts who share or are able to share Values of the Company, trains them and provides necessary assistance for their successful work. Each employee who shares Value of the Company in its work can anticipate that the Company will provide his safety, material well-being and creative evolution in accordance with his potential and the scale of values he creates.
Principles towards Investors
Investors gave us opportunity to bring our values to customers, to create and grow our team. Investors have their expectations on both profitability and business developement of our enterprize, and we are and will be doing our best in order to ensure investors' expectations.
Principles towards Management
Management of the Company are creators, bearers and promoters of its Values.  Their contribution is not so much in solving technical issues for certain Clients as in successful existence and development of the Company in a sharp and changing environment.  The value of ideas brought by Management and their activity is measured by companys success in the market that in its turn is defined by the correspondence of the Company's values to the needs of Customers, Employees and other important components of society.  The value of any manager irrespective of his level is additionally measured by his ability to help his employees to understand Company Principles, values of Customers and effective organization of their cooperation.  The Companys Management are not closed castes. Any employee can move to this category if he successfully shares values of the Company in his work, transfers them to the Customers and other employees and participates actively in searching and implementation of new opportunities for the Company's growth and its performance raising.
Principles in Relations with Suppliers
We consider our suppliers to help us create value for Customers. We see our task in informing our suppliers about our Customers values and the place of Suppliers product in this value in order to provide joint, mutually beneficial and most effective satisfaction of Customers needs.
Principles in Relations with IT-Community
Lean4systems Group strives to become an active member and, looking forward, a trendsetter of the IT-community, namely its part engaged in creation of values for Customers from business world. We are open and friendly, ready for positive interaction with conscientious colleagues from IT-community.
Principles in Relations with Government Authorities
We realize the important part the State plays in maintenance of stability and dynamic development of society. We assume obligations to all the states in which jurisdictions Lean4systems Group enterprises operate to perform our tasks conscientiously.
Principles towards Society
Everyone wants to live in a stable, successful and prosperous society in which people are friendly to each other, joyful, responsible, optimistic. That is what we try to be within Lean4systems Group, in our communication with surroundings, and that is how we see the surroundings. We try to participate actively in social life and encourage such participation of our employees to form successful society with optimistic looking forward.
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