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Branches & Experience
Industrial experience of the company and clients testimonials are the ground for the Customer assurance in successful implementation of his project, meeting deadlines and not exceeding the set budget (though we guarantee success by legal papers as well). Another factor ensuring short implementation term is the usage of industry-proved industrial solutions.
During the years of work Lean4systems Group has accumulated its own experience in information systems implementation, their maintenance and software development. We have also formed a portfolio of international solutions adjusted to be used in Russia . For study to be convenient we have divided this experience into vertical (industrial solutions) and horizontal (solutions that cover similar business functions for any industry). Information systems implemented by us are usually full-featured, that is they support the processes of sales planning, production, supply and financial turnover, provision and accounting of current operations, management and other kinds of reporting.
Contracts with a number of customers, especially foreign ones, are confidential and their names can not be disclosed publically. If you are interested in our experience in some industry we are ready to provide targeted information on your written request.
Vertical Experience
Continuous extrusion-type production
Chemical industry (manufacturing of goods from plastic, chemical fibres)
Food industry (edible raw material production)
Metalwork (cable industry)
Key functions: planning of extruders loading taking into account individual performance, accounting of actual yield, accounting of quality indexes, batch accounting, accurate calculation of every batch production cost with distribution of total raw material consumption and production overheads.
Discrete manufacturing
Electronics industry (contractual manufacturing)
Engineering industry
Production of home appliances (TV-sets)
Key functions: production process and components supply planning, accounting of components usage and actual production yield, accounting of quality indexes, batch and individual accounting of items, accurate calculation of every batch/item production cost with distribution of total raw material consumption and production overheads.
Jewelry industry(production)
Key functions: forming collections/specifications of individual items with calculation of planned production cost, production and supply planning, control over fulfillment of plans, accurate recording of actual data on items, price forming and tagging, accounting of sales and mutual settlements.
Jewelry industry (wholesale and retail)
Key functions: planning and control of sales, recalls, price-forming and management of mutual settlements, items repairing support, transfer of items from one store to another, marketing analysis of sales indices, support of interaction with cash equipment, bar-coding.
Formula production in pharmaceutical and food industries
Key functions: planning and accounting of production and supplies, batch accounting with recording of raw material and end products batches, management of expiration dates, control over sales and mutual settlements, overheads distribution and management of production cost.
Project-oriented businesses
Equipment mounting and maintenance
Event management
Publishing business
Key functions: project planning/budgeting taking into account particular features of each business (including the usage of templates), accounting of actual operations and project production cost forming, price forming, control over planned and actual indices ratio, management accounting.
Non-manufacturing business
Real estate management
Rendering of services
International trade (import and distribution of products)
Printing industry
Key functions: circulation planning, production cost and price calculation, profitability analysis, calculation of variants, accounting of actual indices, opportunity to work with company-owned and customer-owned materials, capacity planning and management, operational replanning opportunity, control over mutual settlements, management accounting.
Horizontal experience
Accounting and tax accounting
Management accounting
Financial accounting and consolidation within a holding
Human resources management and calculation of wages
Money flow planning (payment calendar) and management of payment applications
Management of warehouse with complex structure (zones, cells, automatic compilation)
Data interchange between head office and branches.
Integration of Microsoft Dynamics and 1C information systems with each other and with other information systems and equipment.



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