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Tuesday, 21 August 2018
It is easier to manage branches with Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Lean4systems and DBB Replicator
How to provide operative management in a multidivisional structure if communication lines often fail and information volumes are too large to be exchanged? From now this task has a reliable and cost effective solution. It is ERP-platform Dynamics NAV, DBB Replicator data exchange tool and system integration services offered by Strategic Solution.
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The customers of Strategic Solution are usually companies with several tens million dollars. Such companies often have geographically divergent structure and it is very important for their manageability to maintain operative information exchange between branches. Taking into account unstable communication lines in our country customers often require that remote branches can work independently when communication fails.  It makes the usage of standard tools for remote access to the single base impossible and cancels all the advantages of thin-client technology solutions.



Microsoft Dynamics NAV system allows solving of numerous tasks of middle-range business management and is in great demand in Russia and in the world. There exist reliable and proven means to organize data exchange for distributed company structure using Microsoft Dynamics NAV, but till now they have not been represented in Russia (except for special software for retail sales). Now dew to the work of experts from Strategic Solution such a tool is available in the Russian market it is DBB Replicator solution developed by Data Backbone Software A/S.



Data Backbone Software A/S is a Dutch family company established over 60 years ago. They started software development in 1987 and now it is the main line of the companys activity. The company specializes in standard software development for data exchange between different sources. The company distributes its products via the network of more than 100 specially trained authorized dealers. DBB solutions are used by such world-known companies as Adidas AG, Bang & Olufsen, Danisco.



DBB Replicator is special product designed for data exchange between different databases of Microsoft Dynamics NAV. It makes sense to use the solution in the following situations:



- data exchange between head office and branches;



- data exchange between office and notebooks of employees who work out of office;



- the latest data backup on a standby server;



- provision of high operational speed for users installations at the expense of the single database division into several bases taking into account functional independence of the latter and provision of structured data interchange between them.



Strategic Solution successfully implemented the first project using DBB Replicator in November 2005. Today we can summarize the results of the first operational months.



The operations were conducted within the framework of the large project on expansion of specially developed standard solution based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV to support the activity of 11 branches for one of the Clients of Strategic Solution and provide operative data exchange between them.  Operation shows that DBB Replicator ensures reliable and stable data exchange between the head office and the branches on once per our basis. An important advantage of using such solution by the Customer is the ability to expand standard branch solution by his own using the template developed by Strategic Solution.



The Customers IT Director comments on the system work:



We have been using the system of data exchange between head office and branches for more than 3 months. At the beginning of our cooperation with Strategic Solution we agreed that they would develop standard solution for branches on the basis of the working solution in the head office, then we would perfect this procedure together in the first branch in Saint Petersburg, and after that we would implement the solution in the rest of branches by our own. Now it goes exactly as we have decided. Today the branch solution and data exchange system work steady that allows us to control and manage reserves in branch warehouses, make operative analysis of sales dynamics. In addition, now our information system supports electronic flow of documents within the processes of budgeting and payment applications management over the whole holding and automatically generates internal company documents connected with movement of products. I recommend the companies with the same tasks to use DBB Replicator.



Strategic Solution recommends using DBB Replicator to all Microsoft partners specializing in Microsoft Dynamics NAV implementation and to those who works with tasks for which this product is designated. Strategic Solution experts are ready to render methodological and technical support for expansion, setting-up and operation of the solution along with its maintenance and updating.


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