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Tuesday, 21 August 2018
Information system for packaging producer: how to return investment. World experience
On June, 21 within the framework of Rosupak exhibition held in Crokus Expo exhibition center the joint forum of Strategic Solution LLC, Microsoft Business Solution Russia and IT Group Company (Denmark) took place. It was dedicated to the peculiarities of the effective usage of information systems at package production enterprises.
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Most enterprises of the industry have already had the experience in using information technologies at the place of production. But both managers and experts of the industry state that they do not consider this experience to be successful. Obsolete systems that do not cover all the processes, unsuccessful implementations that were not adjusted to package industry: all this makes industry representatives suspicious of information systems.  



The necessity of information systems usage at industry enterprises is not doubted. But its is important for the information system to take account of technological processes of a package enterprise, namely a great number of small orders (against equipment capacity), availability of interchangeable equipment units, high cost of equipment setting-up and importance of deadlines.



The task of information system is to mange all the processes of the enterprise from the first Customer application to delivery of products:



* Receiving order


* Production cost and price calculation


* Order placing in the production plan


* Provision of the order with the necessary materials


* Premakeready


* Production control and output accounting


* Accounting of mutual settlements and financial results



The participants of the forum were package industry representatives with their own experience in information systems usage. They shared their knowledge on how to avoid errors in information systems implementation and positive results of their proper usage. Besides, the forum was attended by representatives of consulting companies who told about the principles of the proper usage of information system which takes account of enterprise needs.



This was not the first event Strategic Solution Company organized for package industry managers. Earlier in 2004 the company held two seminars in Moscow and Nizhniy Novgorod. Among the participants were representatives of Tver, Yaroslavl and Mozhaysk Printing and Publishing complexes, Citron Group of Companies, Dinafleks CJSC, Rido CJSC, Nizhegorodskiy Pechatnik OJSC, Tikoplastik CJSC, Tsyklon Print Company, Promis OJSC.
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