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Friday, 05 June 2020
IT for Businesses
The aim of Lean4systems Group is to help enterprises in their efficient usage of modern information technologies for the improvement of labor productivity, manageability and business competitiveness. Information technologies can give the following values to your business:

- improvement of office employees labor efficiency. Personal efficiency raising tools are office applications (text editor, electronic tables, etc), graphic editors and special software for certain business tasks.

- information interchange improvement both within the company and with counteragents. The tools are
e-mail, instant messaging services, tools for joint work with information (data warehousing), and corporate information systems.

Lean4systems Group is a certified partner of Microsoft on delivering the software for personal efficiency and information interchange improvement. Read more about Microsoft tools for office employees efficiency improvement:

- management efficiency improvement. It can be achieved through developed and actively used tools for planning, accounting, control, analysis of finance, reserves, staff and equipment workload all together called ERP systems.

Lean4systems Group has 6-year successful experience in implementing and maintenance of ERP-systems. This experience and understanding the needs of enterprises (of both Russian and foreign customers) made us choose to offer Microsoft Dynamics and 1C:8.X products as ERP platforms. Each of them has its advantages. Recommendations to particular Customer depend on his business tasks and management wishes and are provided on request.

Implementation and maintenance of information solutions are sets of multitask procedures that include identification and agreement of business requirements, software development, procession of existing data, integration of information systems and equipment, training of users and management of incidents. To organize these operations Lean4systems Group uses Sure Step methodology developed by Microsoft specially for implementation and development of solutions at middle-size enterprises. Sure Step methodology is fully documented that allows making project implementation management completely transparent and predictable for Customer and making him confident in successful project completion.



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